Plentiful, its Beauty and Beast

Where I’m from, we killed our food, picked leaves from trees, and pulled berries from bushes. We ate well for much of the time, but sometimes we went without… often because Clumsy Okee would inadvertently scare away buffalos we’ve tracked for days, but most of the time we went without because game meat was simply sparse or too small to feed the entire tribe. During this period of scarcity, it sucked. But we were fine. We made it work with less food, or none at all.

Of course no one really died; periodic famine was part of life back then. However, it’s not part of life now in tribal America. Food is everywhere. It’s wonderful. If you can’t find whole food, then you’ll definitely find it manufactured in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors and taste — stuffed in boxes and wrapped in plastic, dropped onto your plate in a super-size heap. It’s as if everyone in tribal America is expecting a 10-year famine.

I’ll have to admit: although it’s comforting to know I’m guaranteed against starvation, my evolutional habits make me question whether I can swallow unrecognizable food without insidious disruption to my genetic expression. And I don’t understand how man can work so hard to scientifically strip, pound, homogenize, and fuse a bunch of raw ingredients and chemicals and then sell the result as “food” for much cheaper than the natural food to which he hardly has to do anything.

Some examples of stuff that Mother Earth won’t recognize:

1 breads

My ancestors and I have never heard of grain, much less its stripped-down, milled, and processed versions.

1 candies

The rainbow that stretched over the plains where I come from didn’t even have colors like this. This color combo can only come from a bad peyote trip.

Cheerios (General Mills)

Clinically proven to help reduce cholesterol… if you’ve been eating Chicken McNuggets and french fries. Otherwise, grain has been proven to promote inflammation in the body. So, inflammation in the heart and artery, anyone?

1 pasta

This stuff looks like blown-up strains of deadly virus.

I wonder why tribal America don’t eat more stuff that’s been around far longer than the relatively recent 20 thousand years of agriculture, like simple foods that have supported the foundation of our genetic make-ups for the past 2.5 million years. You know, like the stuff everyone’s grandmother said to eat more of:

1 veg

1 steak

1 herbs

1 nuts

Cute and fuzzy, I know. But that’s been the food chain for millions of years.

1 antelop

1 rabbit

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2 Responses to Plentiful, its Beauty and Beast

  1. Daven says:

    I love nuts. My fiance is surprised how much I can eat nuts and not get fat. I tell her it’s because I don’t eat junk. And I’m active. Have you ever heard of Mark’s Daily Apple?

  2. Ogg the Caveman says:

    Thanks, Daven. I like a lot of what Mark says. He’d make a good friend of the family! 🙂

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