Health Clubs: Medication for Modern Passivity and Poor Eating Habits

1 health clubWithin a single square mile of the South Beach area of San Francisco, there are over two dozens health clubs and fitness centers, each with high-tech equipment that shine and pivot and plug into walls. They are the result of tribal America’s effort to fight overweight and obesity and to attain the ultimate nirvana that is the culture’s ideal look: a normal healthy body weight.

In tribal America there are well over 30,000 health and fitness centers, bearing nearly 46 million members who pay over $19 billion per year, mostly in the effort to attain… a healthy normal body.

1 caveman h&gWhere I came from, we simply ate vegetables that grew out of the grown, fruits that fell from trees, and meats that we kill. And then we moved around a lot, mostly to hunt and to gather and sometimes to play. That was it, really. The only dumbbell my people ever heard about was Clumsy Okee who can’t even catch a DoDo Bird.

Other than the occasional fatal infection from accidents and attacks by saber tooth tigers, which unfortunately lowers the average life-span statistics of my time, we actually lived long and healthy lives free of the modern diseases for which people today take all kinds of medication and go to hospitals.

I believe that the health club industry is in the business of compensation. People use its services to compensate for their own unwillingness to move naturally and eat better. I’m not saying people are moving less (in fact, our $19-billion annual spending on the fitness industry reveals that plenty of them are moving plenty). I’m saying that people are utterly nuts to pay this outrageous sum of money for a gym membership that they mistakenly believe is a prerequisite to good health, general fitness, and a healthy body weight.

1 caveman dietMy primal family and friends back home didn’t have gym memberships, yet they were not fat nor did they suffer metabolic diseases. They moved around normally, hunting and gathering and lifting and sometimes playing; and they ate things that came directly from Mother Earth.

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2 Responses to Health Clubs: Medication for Modern Passivity and Poor Eating Habits

  1. Max says:

    This is very true. I’ve stayed in good health with less than 10% body fat by just being active all day and doing bodyweight exercises. I’d say the most important factor is eating well and staying away from processed food. Good blog!

  2. Ogg the Caveman says:

    Hi Max,

    The popular workouts used for sports and bodybuilding are entirely different and have little relationship to good health. Simply being active (inside or outside of a gym) with natural physical activities and eating mostly wholesome food in the right quantity will deliver optimal health and body composition. You are right, Max — keep moving and eating well!

    ~ Ogg

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