No Gym, No Problem

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that people who want to be fit and healthy don’t need health clubs. These places are unnecessary and their memberships cost money. And they collect gawkers, meatheads, leotard-wearing porn-star wannabes, and fitness trainers who often don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. They also harbor the sweat of humanity in a single enclosed space, which for a caveman like me who loves the open plains is disgusting. Perhaps the most unfortunate drawback of a health club is that it sends the general public the message that a gym is the only way to get fit, healthy, and look good — which may imply to many people that, without a membership, health and fitness is impossible.

1 bodybuilderNow, I might have grown up in a cave, but I haven’t forgotten that there are people whose hobby is bodybuilding, whose goal is to build exaggerated, bulky muscle mass. And there are also people whose goal is to attain suprahuman strength, similar in extreme to that of strongman competitors. I’m aware that throughout history there have existed warriors, gladiators, and circus freaks, and they need to build excessive strength and cartoonish bulk for the special demands of their lifestyle.

But this blog is not about excessive strength and exaggerated muscle bulk (there are many great internet resources for those). 1 strongThis blog is about having optimal health, great general fitness, and a body possessing healthy fat-to-muscle composition (low body fat, natural muscles).

OK, fine, it’s ultimately about looking great naked. After all, where I come from, an entire primal society walks around practically in birthday suits. And I’ll tell you: compared to today’s huge percentage of obese people, nearly everyone back then looked hot. (Save for the subtle protruding forehead and brutal jaw-line — you might not think that’s so attractive.) Their bodies carry little fat and just the right muscle mass, all without  a gym membership. If they can achieve health, fitness and a great-looking body without shiny barbells and fancy machines, then you can do it, too.

What kind of body? Well, something more reasonable than those pictured above — a body that’s healthy, and visually appealing in the eye of the mass. Like Britain’s model Robb Maddock:

1 model physique Robb Maddocks

Or lingerie model Nell McAndrew, whose physique bears a volume of muscle that doesn’t exceed contemporary physical needs. Her body is not over the top, and it conveys good overall health:

1 model - Nell McAndrew

So, what kind of things can you do without a gym? Lots. You can go for walks and hikes, or you can do short bursts of sprints, or you can do high-intensity full-body exercises like this, or go extreme like this. There are lots of exercises you can do with just your body weight. Or you can use some simple, inexpensive home-built equipment to effectively load your muscles. These exercises induce positive hormonal responses, a natural occurrence passed down through millions of years — from my generation to yours. Use it well to become healthier, get fitter, and improve the look of your body.

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