Veagans and Raw Foodists on Fire

1 catching fire2According to the book Catching Fire, by anthropologist Richard Wrangham, my ancestors (which effectively makes them yours, too) started eating flesh about 2.5 million years ago. Somewhere along the way — probably about 1.8 million years ago — they figured out how to control fire and not set the hair on their arms (and back, and front) ablaze. And thus began the cooking of meats and other foods. Not only do things taste better grilled, but their nutrients become more bioavailable. This discovery of fire technology resulted in greater nutrient availability for the body, which allowed further development of our species from the smaller homo habilis to the upright and larger homo sapiens. The increased bioavailability of nutrient also made our brain bigger and increased our intelligence.

Fire is probably the single greatest technology that advanced the human species. So, ignore the dogmatic cry of the bleeding-heart vegans and the quaker raw-foodists, and eat your meats cooked.

Unless, of course, you want to go back to your pre-homo-habilis self.

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