A Random Thought

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Now, I’m all for health clubs, gyms, and formal exercise, especially for the average individual living in a civilized world where modern food has taken such a dramatic detour from the evolutionary diet our genes were based on over for 2 million years. Gary Taubes presents some very convincing data in his book Good Calories Bad Calories which suggest that the progressive change to a western diet of grains and grain-based processed foods has created “chronic diseases of civilization” — diseases we now see in abundance in today’s population, such as diabetes, heart disease, metabolic derangement, overweight, and obesity.

Today, researchers in the throes of modern health conditions are reduced to examining exercise mostly in the context of treating and preventing diseases. This is thus the underlying bias in serious exercise literature: Formal exercise is a tool for treatment and prevention of chronic diseases. But, these diseases shouldn’t be there in the first place, had we been eating the diet that helped created our genes for over two million years — one that’s void of grains and sugar, and one that’s full of wholesome vegetables, fruits and animals.

Perhaps if we return to our evolutionary based diet, then maybe we won’t even need formal exercise, and that merely being active with the inclusion of periodic “play time” would be all we need to stay healthy, adequately fit, and lean.

Just a random thought from me. Share your own thoughts in comment!

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One Response to A Random Thought

  1. Christian Chun says:

    Agreed. Well put!

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