Weight Loss: the Alternative Perspective

Thought for the day:

You don’t eat less to get your body to burn more stored fat. You get your body to burn more stored fat so that you can eat less.

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3 Responses to Weight Loss: the Alternative Perspective

  1. Mark says:

    And I would assume that you do that by doing intermittent fasting and keeping insulin levels stable?

    • Johnny from The Lean Saloon says:

      Intermittent fasting is partially correct. It’s important to get insulin level under control — and IF does help lower insulin level, but mostly only intermittently, rather than perpetually.

      Although insulin is an important hormone, eating grains and processed carbs during the feeding windows still increases insulin level higher than probably healthy.

      An effective way to getting insulin under control is to eat carbohydrates from mostly plants and some citrus fruits. These sources contain relatively less carbohydrates and are slower to release.

      Eat this way for a while first to train your body to burn less glucose and more fat, then try intermittent fasting to enhance fat metabolism.

  2. Johnny from The Lean Saloon says:

    Translated to simply mean:

    A continuous stream of fuel released from fat cells will effectively feed the body, thus we can eat less and not starve.

    But if fat cells don’t release the fatty acids to fuel the body, then the body requires more fuel from elsewhere, so we have to eat more.

    Eat less carbohydrates and sugar, and the body will learn to release and use this fuel from fat cells. Eat more carbohydrates and sugar, however, and the body will lock up the fat cells and burn the carbs and sugar instead.

    The choice is ours.

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