Life Has Improved, but Have Our Bodies?

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Interesting information showing the human stature was taller (and slimmer) before the agricultural (grains) period.

… the introduction of agriculture was the nadir of physical size, and undernourished reality of the farming cultures of Eurasia was a fact of life until the past century. But, note that even today Europeans are not as domineering in stature as they were 20,000 years ago. Humans have a tendency to view evolution as a progressive force, toward more complexity, size and intelligence. But we aren’t sure that this is correct…

As is the theme of The Lean Saloon, this information implies the importance of eating a diet robust with nourishment — that is, higher nutritive values accompanied by fewer calories. Vegetables, fruits, and quality meats provide this, while grains give the opposite.

The reality is this: some people can get away with eating whole grains and not show frank signs and symptoms (allergies, bone mineral loss, inflammation, overfat), but if your immediate goal is to lose weight, then grains with their higher calorie-to-nutrient ratio should be out… and out as well if optimum health is also a priority.

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