Quick Thoughts

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Those who ask “What?” are in the long term rarely successful. Those who ask “What’s the reason?” are in the long term more  successful.

Those who say “just tell me what to do” never own their diet or exercise. Those who say “tell me the reason why I do this” are empowered to make healthful decisions for the rest of their lives.

Which one are you?

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3 Responses to Quick Thoughts

  1. Jonard says:

    I was the type of person who ask for reasons (which sometimes annoyed my Dad..he he). Anyway 2 years ago, I was 68++kg which made me decide to lose some weight or else die early (I was only 28 then and I came from a family with long background of diabetes). Along the way, I encountered several books, ideas, blogs, theories about the science of fatloss and I always look for the cause and effect in each of them. Fortunately, I managed to filter those which works for me and trimmed down my weight to 57kg in 9 months. Your practice is the same as mine which makes me a believer in your writings (because I know the reason behind). So keep it up….

    Thanks for your advise last time….I’m currently 55kg now by the way. My 6 pack is more defined these days after cleaning up my diet further.

  2. Johnny says:

    Hi Jonard, thanks for reading. A body weight of 55kg seems pretty good (121 lbs.). Just curious, how tall are you?


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