Health and Wealth from the Inside Out

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[This is a guest post from one of my favorite personal training clients, Fern LaRocca. As much as she’s learned how to improve her health and fitness by keeping exercise and nutrition simple, we can all learn how to keep our financial lives healthy from Fern. Her blog appears at the bottom. – Johnny]

Look at me. I am 5’4’’ and weigh 120 pounds. I can do 10 pull-ups and bench press 95 pounds for a single rep. And I can hang with the best with indoor rowing. I feel strong, healthy and more energetic than I have in a long time. Not bad for a woman of 57 years, if I say so.

What you don’t notice from the photo, however, is that I walk with a cane. I have a below-the-knee amputation on my left leg, and a half paralyzed right leg. My right hip and buttock is just a thin layer of skin directly over bone. Above my right hip is a bulge of intestines from a hernia resulting from the removal of the right abdominal wall. All this is from having survived over 26 surgeries from a major car accident in 2004. (Note how well I hide all that — a lot of padding, folks!) Your browser may not support display of this image.

What’s this got to do with The Lean Saloon?

Johnny is my personal trainer. Ok, you are already convinced that he is good but what you don’t know is I came to the Lean Saloon almost 3 years ago hardly able to walk up the driveway to the front door of my home; a consequence of too much sitting in a wheelchair.

Primal lean, does it work? Well, I always did eat fresh foods but Johnny helped me take it to the next level- more real food, skipping the processed stuff –especially sugar addiction, lowering my wine intake (which is the hardest to do). But it’s refreshing to regain the confidence to ride a bike, walk, and just to realize the most of my potential (considering the situation, Ha! Ha!).

The point is being healthy is not just about looking good but also feeling good. The energy that one gets from eating right and exercising is an important part of self-care that is the foundation for success in everything we do. I know, because I am a Wealth Coach and I find I spend a lot of time with people on self care. The ability to focus and have the energy to connect with the abundance around you is the foundation of wealth. Once that is taken care of then it is much easier to focus on wealth building. I may look small, weak, and disabled, but don’t let that fool you. I am healthy, wealthy and wise. Yay!

Fern LaRocca is a certified financial planner for nearly 25 years and a wealth coach. Check out her blog at Whole Hearted Way! 

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3 Responses to Health and Wealth from the Inside Out

  1. lorenzo says:

    inspirational! U have my utmost respect !

  2. Louis says:

    Congrats! I’ve been doing the lean saloon too (i.e. cutting out all the sugar, processed food and eating on a “different” schedule) and I too have been feeling more energetic and mentally sharp…maybe the latter is due to my cutting out the wine too. 🙂

  3. Marc says:

    I look forward to reading your site. Thank you for this guest post. Utterly inspiring!

    Thank you Johnny for sharing this with all of us.


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