Eat Well, Look Good, and Don’t Die Before Your Time

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Angiogenesis is the development of capillary vessels that feed cancer cells.  Anti-angiogenic medication has been shown to be a very effective treatment against cancer in animals and human.

But, instead of relying on anti-angiogenic medicine to treat cancer that’s already grown, what if we prevent angiogenesis in the first place?

Can we eat to prevent angiogenic?

According to Dr. William Li in this very fascinating TED video, we may be able to. And we probably already know how. Eat what our ancestors ate: wholesome, unprocessed food that includes mostly vegetables, fruits, and berries.

Nutrients are not only nourishing, but may also be protective.

Who’d ever thunk?

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7 Responses to Eat Well, Look Good, and Don’t Die Before Your Time

  1. Marc says:


    I saw that video thanks to Chris’s site (conditioning research)..
    It is fantastic and even for the layman, Dr. Li, explains it very very clearly (and slowly)
    It’s a must see in my opinion.
    I have forwarded to many that I really care about.


    • Johnny says:

      Hi Marc,

      I agree that Dr. Li explains it very well for the lay population. Anything that’s technical but important enough should be made to be explained simply.


  2. Al says:


    I completely understand why you do not post as much as you use to, barely posting once a week now. When you deliver a message that is rediculously simple as yours it is hard to expound on it. Ibet you are having a hard time coming up with new stuff to write about. I can see why.

    • Johnny says:

      Hi Al,

      I haven’t posted often because I’m in the process of opening a new business. It has been under construction for months and these are the last two weeks that lead up to the final inspection from the city. Lots of things must be over-seen to make sure we get the Certificate of Occupancy.

      I’ll be the director of Health and Fitness for this new company and therefore have to spend a lot of time putting new programs, documents, and software programs into place.

      My current posting frequency has nothing to do with topics to write about. And you’re right that I strive to keep my messages as simple as possible; anything that needs to be expounded upon is often done in the comments section (sort of “behind the scene”), as you can look back and see for yourself.


      • Al says:

        Oh I forgot, you are just like the rest of us who have a normal life with job and family duties; another reason why your philosophy of leanness gives me hope that I too can be lean as well while living the normal busy lifestyle. Thanks!

  3. Greg Linster says:

    Great video!!! Despite all the technological advances in our society we still haven’t out-smarted nature. Here’s another worth checking out:


    • Johnny says:


      Thanks for the great video link. I highly recommend that others check it out!

      Also, Greg, I just spent some time at your blog and I really appreciate the minimalism message.

      In a world with too much product promotional noise, what a waste it would be to let our lives drown in all that white noise.

      This is the same stance I take on weight loss and becoming lean.


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