Food and Diet Myths

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You probably already know that there are a lot of food myths out there, perpetuated by those with good intention and those with financial motivation.

I’m always amazed when I hear the same, old myths that should have died a horrible death long ago, only to be alive and well in a new generation. And I’m equally surprised by the constant influx of new myths.

Some myths have no leg to stand on and are absolutely ridiculous, and if you’re not in a coma you can easily point them out as bunk.

Other myths are told in such an intelligent and complicated way that they’re immediately convincing. They make it easy to swallow the cool-aid.

Old myths have long self-life and new ones are born constantly, all of them rolling down the media channels as fast as Viagras out of a pill dispenser in a retirement home.

Myths overwhelm the truth. And they ultimately clutter a fat-loss path that should be streamlined and simple.

These myths make us believe that our intellect is enriched with complex information on metabolism, hormones, and feedback loops. Blah blah blah.

But in the end many people — smart and snooty with “weight loss knowledge” — still can’t lose the weight they had been trying to lose.

Really, let’s keep things simple, and go with what has been shown to work for weight and fat loss. Eat nutritious and real food, eat less of it.

Meanwhile, here is an interesting collection of food myths to chew on.

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3 Responses to Food and Diet Myths

  1. medialv says:

    I love Dr. Andrew Weil a multi-millionaire professor who is fat & writes diet books & manufactures diet food products.

    He makes certain to print on every cover or product “Harvard professor”.

    Alot of interesting, useful content for me here. Thanks for bothering to share it.

  2. angelina says:

    Hi Johnny! I just heard a good one from a friend of mine last week… apparently she told me that not eating breakfast causes diabetes. I honestly don’t even know how to make any sense of that. =)

  3. Stephanie Sneider says:

    Hey, Johnny! Great website and so helpful for me! Here’s a myth for you…

    Although I’m mostly paleo, there’s constant suggestion among the community that you can eat as much as you want on paleo and still lose weight. This actually made me GAIN weight!!

    I’m still doing paleo(ish) but I’m mostly watching my calories through intermittent fasting, which is key to my 22 pound weight lost, and counting. Your blog has been completely helpful and motivating!! So thanks a million, I visit all the time!

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