Leanness and Culture

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Although there are numerous health benefits to intermittent fasting, it also can help us get and stay lean.

And one of the things I absolutely love about being lean is the enjoyment of culture and everything it offers — particularly, fashion.

The one thing that I personally enjoy about being lean year-round is I can wear cool clothes, expensive or not, and because of my constant body weight and composition, my wardrobe doesn’t need to change too frequently. It’s a money savor!

Of course, there are more to life than fashion and the arts, but all of these things make life more interesting.

And there’s something about clothes that look so good on a lean body. Below are some pictures from one of my favorite picture-blogs, The Sartorialist.

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9 Responses to Leanness and Culture

  1. Jake says:

    There is no doubt the reason I want to lean out is so I can enjoy the lean fashions. However, I am spending more on clothes than I used to so being lean has some disadvantages

    • Johnny says:

      A fortunate disadvantage. But if you hold your leanness year-round, you shouldn’t have to replace clothes that you haven’t grown out of, literally. Unless, of course, you love buying new clothes all the time — in which case I can’t blame you.


  2. meida says:

    I like that a person in shape pretty much looks great in a tshirt & jeans as well as the designer stuff. Being lean just looks good.

  3. Stephon says:

    So true about leanness and fashion as I recently had to go shopping for clothes because I leaned out.I wanted to know your perspective on ab training and was wondering if too much ab work really thicken the waist or give you the appearance of potruding abs?Weird question I guess but though I have leaned out ,my obliques or side of my waist seems wider than I prefer my abs are clearly visible but more potruded and I do situps daily.Can you tell me what a good core training routine may be?,I want a slimmer more lithe look to my midsection.Also Johnny I would like to lose a bit of muscle mass and I mean a bit.I do 2 conditioning workouts a week via bodyweight routines and one maximal strength workout(weighted chins,dips,etc.) and one explosive strength workout via plyometrics (push ups,muscle ups,jump squats,etc.)What kind of core work should I really be doing?I love looking being lean but want a strong core to compliment the look,thanks Johnny


  4. Johnny says:

    Even the last 10 pounds that I have lost has made a huge difference. At 5’9″, 158 pounds now, clothes fit better, and I can wear styles that I wouldn’t have before.

  5. Jordan D. says:

    Those last two pics really drive the point home. A guy just can’t pull off that suit or shirt without being in very, very good shape.

    I can’t wait to buy some new clothes when I drop another 30 pounds or so. Chomping at the bit! 🙂

  6. Pyman says:

    First let me say that I have been following you for the last 3 months. Thanks for the information and motivation. I also follow the Sartorialist and I spent several minutes reviewing those last two pictures because not only are they lean, a necessity for doing justice to these clothes which are perfectly tailored, but I looked over each and every item they used to accessorize. Impressive choices!

  7. Kelly says:

    While viewing the images I noticed the background in each image. Reminds me of my excursions to Italy. I would venture to say that 5 out of 6 are not in the US. Certainly drives the point home that most Americans are overweight (at least over fat).
    Great incentive imagery.

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