Typical Meal

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As a follow up to my previous post Typical Day, below is a sample of some of my typical meals. Of course, it’s impossible to give a sample of everything I eat, so this is only a small example, but pretty typical. Suffice to say that I eat mostly whole, real food (closest to its natural state), while still enjoying sinful stuff.

Meal 1 (4:00 pm)

  • Cauliflower mash with butter, sometimes a dash of cumin and turmeric
  • Grass-fed steak, grilled
  • Stir-fry green and yellow squash, browned onions
  • 1 or 2 glasses of wine
  • a few fresh figs (in season right now and kicking ass)

Meal 2 (9 pm)

  • 2-Egg Omelet, sometimes simple with just the eggs cooked in butter, other times with a conglomerate of fresh veggies (see pictures below)
  • Asparagus
  • 1 slice of sprouted grain bread
  • Fresh berries (sometimes in Greek yogurt)
  • A few squares of Dark chocolate

A typical meal when going out (like last night):

  • Artichoke hearts wrapped with boar carpaccio
  • Fresh tomato, fresh mozzarella cheese, basil and olive oil
  • Smoked chicken with risotto
  • Half piece of house-made bread dipped in garlic olive oil
  • Tiramisu (hell yes)
  • 3 glasses of wine (yes, 3)

Again, not a comprehensive list of what I eat, but somewhat representative. The idea is this: make sure to meet the minimum amount of nutrients (phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals) and then average out through time a calorie intake that meets your goal of either weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance.

Most of my readers want to lose weight. So the average caloric goal is obvious.

You don’t have to be perfect everyday. If you overshoot your caloric intake one day, then undershoot the next. It’s really not complicated. If I overeat, then I under-eat. The average through time is the key.

The greatest emphasis in my dietary style is the removal of dietary restriction and dietary stress, and a greater respect for lifestyle liberation — to be able to enjoy friends and family and the food they tend to serve and celebrate with.

Intermittent fasting allows us to enjoy a broader spectrum of food and deeper social experiences, while still staying lean and healthy.

Fresh with nutrients

I love breakfast food, even at the end of the day

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14 Responses to Typical Meal

  1. Steve says:

    Nice overview, helps me with ideas. Still trying to figure out the how much? what? all that jazz. I’m with you; love the wine….Amazing how much more energy that I have when I am fasting appropriately.

    • Johnny says:

      Hey Steve,

      As far as how much intake, keep it simple. Use a mirror and a weight scale. Together they will tell you how you’ll need to adjust your caloric intake. It’s the single best feedback system. Forget metabolic formulas and all that jazz.


      • I try to use a system I learned from Clarence Bass known as Uniform Eating. That is, eating mostly the same from day to day. That way you know if you seem to be gaining or losing weight it’s as simple as adding or removing little things like a slice of bread, etc.

  2. steve says:

    Just curious from your previous post, does the cream in your coffee stop the fast at all? I asked this on another site and a bunch of people told me that I was not fasting or burning fat anymore because any calories stop a fast. What is your opinion on this?

  3. Mark says:

    Hey Johnny,
    Good stuff. It’s amazing to me how little hunger I have during the day and then after I workout. Also, my performance in my workouts is great after just a little meal a couple of hours before hand.
    Thanks for being one of the better IF guides out there. You and Martin are my go-to resources!

  4. Rob says:


    Today, I ran 4 miles (29:29 / 7:22) in a 17 hour fasted state (2pm – 7am). mile 1 = 7:45, mile 2 = 7:19, mile 3 = 7:15, mile 4 = 7:07. Beat my latest 5K race pace (last Friday) by 2 seconds in a fasted state. I can push myself harder in a fasted state without the stomach cramps. I break my fast right after my run with a paleo meal such as sugar-free bob evans crumbled sausage, eggs, zucchini, and a little parmesan baked in a casserole dish (Mark Sisson’s Primal recipe).


    • Johnny says:


      Great report of your performance while in a metabolically fasted state. Good stuff.

      As for note, I went on a 2-hour bike ride (with intervals of intense sprinting and casual spinning) a few weekends ago after a 17-hour fast. I experienced no bonking like I did years ago while not living an IF lifestyle. It felt great.

      I believe that the body’s work capacity adapts to metabolic states imposed regularly.


  5. Johnny says:


    Based on what you put down for your typical two meals, below is what I came up with as far as calorie content and fat/protein/carb content. This is pretty rough since I don’t have the actual serving amounts of what you eat. I used Dailyplate.com, and estimated the servings. For example, the steak, I used 8 ounces, and for the veggies about a cup each. I used 4 ounce servings of wine and 4 ounces for the yogurt. So, this is a fairly low calorie daily intake if it’s close to being accurate, even if you estimate 10-20% error either way. It would seem that you could definitely maintain a very lean physique at that caloric level, and the IF helps make that amount very tolerable.

    Please correct or add input if this is way off for any reason. I just thought I would toy with the numbers to get an idea since I imagine others would be interested as I am.


    50 g

    80 g

    86 g

    • Johnny says:

      Hi J,

      Wow. If that’s really is the approximate intake I have, then I’m glad! But I have a feeling that we can err about 20% higher. But I honestly don’t know my caloric intake. Some days I eat much more, others I eat less. But I’d say this amount you approximated isn’t far off the average through the week (maybe a tad low, but again I don’t know).

      Good investigating, J!


  6. malpaz says:

    haha weird, yor meal one and my meal one were the same save the wine/figs!

  7. Yannick Messaoud says:

    Lots of cancer preventing foods in there.

  8. Greg Linster says:

    Hey Johnny!

    I’ve tried both the ‘paleo’ and ‘primal; diet, but I feel best when following your version of IF.

    Like you, I try to eat mostly real, whole foods with an IF lifestyle. However, I’ll often have some bread with butter, noodles with a stir-fry, etc. I recently read this article: http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/2010/09/19/paleo-diet-solution/

    What is your take on grains? Personally, I think this article is too extreme, but I’m curious to hear your opinion on grains and health.


  9. Stephen says:

    How many ounces is your steak and what cut of meat do you buy?

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