Grab Life by the Med Balls

Reat: 60 seconds

I’m partial to exercises that are full-body, high velocity, and metabolically expensive. Here’s an exercise that is a main staple in my workout.

You can order Dynamax medicine balls from several sources on the internet, but I recommend buying them straight from their website — if for nothing else but to check out the useful exercise info they provide.

I love throwing these balls at a solid wall at high velocity. Or do the same with a partner, which requires accuracy in both throwing and catching, the former for acceleration and the latter for reactive strength.

Below is another exercise that I often use for part of my high metabolic workouts, Deck Squat Wall Ball.

You can buy D-Ball medicine balls from here. These balls are great because they don’t bounce wildly, and you can use them to for ball slam, too, similar to the exercise in the first video. In fact, I prefer doing ball slams with D-Balls.

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6 Responses to Grab Life by the Med Balls

  1. Johnny says:

    Those look like fun. We have a few med balls, so my wife and I should try some of these.

    • Johnny says:

      Hi J,

      These exercises are definitely fun, but also very functional as they involve whole-body large movement patterns at high velocity. Very metabolically expensive.

      For those trying the ball slam for the first time, make sure the medicine ball doesn’t bounce aggressively. I’ve seen unsuspecting fools at random gyms trying it for the first time and break their nose.

      Check out this clown:

      Don’t be him.


  2. malpaz says:

    that second video looks like it would be really good!!

  3. Johnny says:

    Speaking of keeping your training simple, good article on… training simple.


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