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  • Getting lean. Getting healthy.
  • Looking good. In clothes, or naked.

Eating and exercising for a lean and healthy body is not rocket science.

Johnny at The Lean Saloon

Purposeful Simplicity.

You have a life — getting healthy and looking good should never require all of your time.

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  1. Bec says:

    Hey, I’m really interested in your story… how did you come to eat ‘primal’ and excercise the way you do? You said you used to be fat, did you lose weight the conventional ways and then discover this or vice versa??
    Great site 🙂

    • Johnny says:

      Hi Bec,

      In my life time, I had been fat many times, and have lost weight just as many times.

      When I lost weight in the past, I would always regain the weight within weeks. You could say it was a typical bodybuilding dieting to get “cut.” Many people who aren’t bodybuilders do the same to get lean.

      But diets like that are not sustainable for most people, and most people regain the lost weight.

      Over 3 years ago I discovered Paleo diet, and a lot of weight came off. That’s mostly because I went from eating traditionally high-calorie and low-nutrient food to eating high-nutrient and low-calorie food.

      Although I lost some weight on the Paleo diet, I really didn’t get that lean, and my weight kind of stalled.

      A little over a year ago I started incorporating random intermittent fasting.

      When I saw that my weight started moving again with IF, I started using it as part of my lifestyle. This was when I really saw the weight come off.

      So now I eat a Paleo-ish diet (really just mostly whole, real food) and do intermittent fasting on most days of the week. I simply eat my first meal around 4PM, and my last meal right up to bedtime… 16 to 19 hours of not feeding, almost daily.

      I have found this combination to be unbelievably easy, and it is the absolute most sustainable eating lifestyle I’ve ever used. I can’t see going back to eating the traditional (eating-obsession) meal pattern.

      This is the eating lifestyle that has allowed me to maintain around a 5% body fat for a year, and counting. I’m embarrassed at how easy this is.

  2. Jerome says:

    I’m in!

  3. Hey Johnny
    Thank you for your comment in my blog. Yes we have similar lifestyle. But normally I tried not to eat before bed, unless I’m extremely hungry. Stay fit and healthy.


    • Johnny says:

      Hi Anna,

      There are times when I eat only one meal, but most often I eat a couple meals, even if the second ends up being right before bedtime.

      It’s good to find your blog. I believe in what you do!


  4. Wish I could send you an email, but here tis:

    Here is your chance to tell the US government your thoughts on what our dietary guidelines should be! The comment period is open until July 15th. Here is the link to the USDA Dietary Guidelines:



  5. Gordo says:

    Great blog! I do have a dilemma though. I don’t have an issue with fasting, normally, unless I workout in the morning. Then I get hungry…breakfast, lunch and dinner ensue. The easy solution would be to workout later in the day, but I have tried this, and I can’t do it. I actually enjoy getting up early to workout as it makes my day go by much better. Can you offer some advice on this?

    • Johnny says:

      Hi Gordo,

      If you wish to maintain a fasting state after your workout but exercise seems to stimulate hunger, my advice is to drink a lot of water (or tea, or with lemon, if you wish), and try your best to ignore the sensation of hunger until it goes away (and it eventually does). It may last anywhere between a few minutes up to half an hour.

      I’d be inclined to ask what type of exercise you’re doing, and then perhaps suggest you changing it. But I think that’s asinine and I’d never ask you to change the exercise that you prefer doing. Instead, do what has worked for many people: ignore the sensation of hunger. If you do this often enough, your body will be trained to dissolve this sensation, or at least minimize it to the point that hunger is just in the background and you can overcome it.

      Lots of benefits to IFing, one of which is learning to control your response to hunger, no matter when or how it strikes.

      Good luck,

  6. Gordo says:

    Thanks for the response! My excercise is mostly a combination of Supersetting and a mix of SS/HIIT. If I get to the gym late I will do a 15 mini-aerobic workout (mix of moderate intensity) followed by some supersets. Mostly upperbody work, as it is a definite weak area in comparison to my lowerbody. What do you suggest? I am really wanting to do a drop in bodyfat quickly, to kick start some results. I know I can’t keep it up for too long, but I would like a solid 3-4 week transformation.


  7. L says:

    Thanks for helping us shortcut through all the superfluous diet tips that don’t make a real difference, I believe the path to having a lean body ought to be “simple and streamlined” just as you’ve described.

    If I’m 5’6.5″/169cm and 125.6lbs/57kg but want to lose another 11lbs/5kg, and I’m already sort of on the IF diet, what else can I do to speed up the process (to within a week or 2 weeks)? How do I lose excess water weight? Also, my body shape is overall sort of rounded, how do I change that?

  8. karen collett says:

    hi johnny

    I have read all your comments and your story and it sounds great. I have had a baby 7 months ago and have tried many things to loose weight but it just has not happened. This seems like a great way to loose weight and i am going to try it but i just need to know a few things! I am at university and im am there monday to friday. If i am not eating in the morning will i be sleepy during my lectures? as normally if i dont eat im tired and grumpy! If this is so is it just for a short while untill my body gets used to it?
    Also are you allowed to eat carbs or is it just protein foods?

    Thanks for your time

  9. Rachel says:

    If you are doing IF until 4 p.m, what kind of liquids are you drinking the day? I want to try this because I have been on a Paleo diet for about 6 months now but weight loss has stalled. I’m thinking of doing meals at 3 and 8 p.m. But I would like to drink tea, and coconut water thoughout the day will that work or do you drink only water until 4?

    Thanks for the help!

    • Johnny says:

      Hi Rachel,

      I drink water with lemon, coffee, and sometimes tea. Drink all the liquid you want — as long as it’s not caloric. A few calories are fine (like cream in the coffee), but keep it next to nothing. One of the many benefits of IF is teaching the body to metabolize fat more efficiently and at a greater rate. Drinking a serving with coconut water with 12 grams of carbs may slow the process a little. But, really, that’s still very little, and it won’t completely diminish the benefit of fasting, but certainly won’t maximize it. You decide how much of an effect you want from IF. I recommend going just non-caloric during the period that the body is trying to adapt to intermittent fasting.


      • Rachel says:

        Thank you so Much Johnny!

        I did my first day yesterday of IF in the morning and I didn’t feel hungry at all. I was a little light headed after my workout but otherwise feeling great, I think to subside the light head I just need more water prior to my workout.
        Thank you for all your help,

  10. Audley says:


    I have searched a bit but haven’t seen any of your before pics. Do you have any here? I look at some mine when I weighed over 200, can’t believe I let myself get that fat!

  11. Margaret says:

    Hi Johnny,

    I just discovered your blog recently and am really enjoying your writing! I’ve started IF and I just have a questions about dealing with other people’s concerns about my eating habits.

    Often at work, co-workers will say, “Go eat lunch!” or “You’re not going to eat lunch?” And at home the friends I live with will ask, “Have you eaten dinner yet?”

    I know lying, saying I had eaten a big breakfast or that I have already eaten would work, but not everyday. If I say, “I’m not eating lunch/dinner today.” The reactions are quite strong! “That’s not healthy!” “You shouldn’t starve yourself!”

    I know these people are well meaning. But, do you have any tips for dealing with these questions when you’re fasting?

    Thanks so much!


    • Johnny says:

      Hi Margaret,

      It’s an on-going social encounter for IFers. It’s a modern dietary meme that will always be around. Personally I say dismissively “Oh, I’ll eat later.”

      But to those who won’t drop it, I’ll take it one more step and tell them “I do intermittent fasting; despite the cultural misunderstanding, it’s actually a very healthy thing to do. You should google it… in-ter-mittent fas-ting.” Then I turn away and say, “seriously, google it: inter-mittent fassss-ting.”

      I find that this relieves me from further explanation, and almost invariably the person that actually googles it will become curious about IFing, and, in my experience, quite a few end up adopting it.

      Let us know how that works.


      • Mountain says:

        I like to say, “But I am eating! I’m eating my stored fat.”

        Apparently, this is how Brad Pilon replies: When people ask me why I like fasting, I could hit them with all the boring scientific jargon, or I could answer “Because fasting is awesome”

  12. Johnny,

    I am wondering your thoughts on protein consumption? I know you don’t count calories, so I’m curious to know how much protein you usually take in, given you eat 2x per day.

    • Johnny says:

      Hi cookiemonster,

      There are days when I get well over 100 grams of protein (probably close to 200), and there are other days when I get only trace amounts and barely reach 15. Because I vary my food choices, I believe that through time a easily meet my minimum requirement. Which may not be as high as most people believe. And I still carry around adequate muscle mass — in fact, far more than the average North American at my height.

      Here’s a free download that readers may find interesting. There’s a section in there titled “The Protein Myth.” A good read.


      I believe that, in a healthy and balanced intake, protein requirement will be met (and often exceeded) through time. (This is coming from a guy that bought all kinds of protein powder in the past.)


      • That is very interesting. I’m starting to believe more and more that we really don’t need as much protein as is being said to maintain and gain lean muscle tissue, even in a hypo-caloric state…genetics could play a role, but I’m sure back in the day they didn’t all eat 2x their bodyweight in protein.

        It’s something to look into, anyway! Thanks!

      • Mountain says:

        That was really interesting indeed…Do you pay attention to your protein intake at all?

  13. Scottie says:

    i was wondering how tall you were. I’m 5’9″ and weigh 173 lbs. From May 2010 until presently I went from 210 to 173 but still have some fat around the middle. I just started IF and I work out 4-5 times a week & was wondering how low in weight do you think I should get. I know body types & genetics are different but I just wanted your thoughts. I really want to get that lean look not necessarily 5-6 % but around 10 % would be nice. I’m around 16-17% now. Love the site. Thanks!

    • Johnny says:

      Hi Scottie,

      No fast answer to your question, regarding weight. A male can weigh a lot lighter than expected while still looking decently muscled. Keep IFing, eat mostly whole, real food. Move around a lot. Gauge your physique through the mirror. Simple.


  14. Bubs says:

    Hello Johnny,

    Big fan of the blog. I recently started IF as a way of life and been doing it 3 times a week for the past 4 weeks. Along with the lifestyle I have also started eating better but not great. I recently went to the local clinic to get my body fat measured as was very surprised by the results. I’m 5’7″ and weight 145 pounds. I knew that I didn’t have to much muscle because I do 0 exercise. But when the results came back 22% I was a little shocked. Is it possible that IF without exercise is causing muscle loss? Like I mentioned I was expecting a high number because I can tell when I look in the mirror my body lacks muscle but this number seems high. Not sure the exact machine and accuracy the clinic used but it used some sort of electrical pulse that went through my bicep. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • Johnny says:

      Hi Bubs,

      Bioelectrical impedance analysis has been shown to not be very accurate. Its usefulness is in tracking a trend in body recomposition, but even with this variance can occur from test to test because of different factor.

      The best thing to do is to avoid overeating through time (IF can help make this simpler and manageable, as well as offer health benefits), and to stay active. If you want more muscle mass for an improvement of body composition, then lift things regularly, and do it with progressively more intensity as the body adapts.

      Keep it simple.


  15. bubs says:

    Thanks Johnny

  16. J says:


    Great Blog! I need some help to structure the IF to help me lose some weight. I just finished a 100 mile race at 150lbs in August of last year. Since then I have gained almost 20lbs. I am still running long on the weekends, 2 hour trail run on Saturdays and 4 hour trail run on Sundays. These runs are 3 min run/2min walkMonday, Wed and Friday I lift weights. Squats, Chins and Dips along with planks. Tuesday and Thursday I just walk for an hour. The problem is I gained weight after the run and cant seem to lose it, I have been eating paleo since October of last year but I am starving most nights and tend to eat a little junk (ice cream etc. dark chocolate) every night. My hunger seems overwhelming at night. This is after I eat grass fed beef and veges. It doesnt seem to satisfy me. Right now I eat 3 times a day of regulary scheduled meals. Breakfast is eggs and bacon, Lunch is grilled chicken and salad. Then dinner is steak, hamburger (grass fed) and veges. Then an hour later I must have something. Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to see what you thought of my routine.

    My question is how would I schedule the IF. If I always eat lunch at 11am and skip breakfast, how would I incorporated dinner. What time do I stop at night. (i need framework). I workout in the evenings I usually get home at 7 or 730pm and then go to bed at 9/930pm. I get up a 530am every day.

    Thanks so much.

    • Johnny says:

      Hi J,

      I can’t tell you how to schedule your eating schedule as I don’t really know your lifestyle. My best advice to you is to find a way to eat less, and if you try IF, then work toward going for 15 to 20 hours between meals. Keep it simple. As far as exercise for general health, fitness, and improved body composition, don’t worry about scheduling exercise around your eating, or vice versa. How ever you schedule your exercise, your body will adapt — the more important factor is that you make exercise consistent.


      • J says:

        thanks, Johnny.

        I think I will try to only eat during the lunch and see how that works. I will keep you posted.

  17. Don Young says:

    Thanks for all the info. I am new to the primal diet, only a few weeks. I was on Atkins for a bit and the transition to Primal has gone great. I love the food and find myself not feeing hungry. I want to try to get away from the 3 meals a day and eat only when hungry. The question I have is how do I start the fasting? Do I just start skipping breakfast and try to push my meals to later in the day. Thanks for your help.

    Las Vegas

    • Johnny says:

      Hi Don,

      Skipping breakfast seems to be the most common way to start. You can even have an early lunch, and then slowly move the lunch back to later in the day. Drink lots of water and be ready for the sensation of hunger, but this sensation will be normal (even good for you) and often passes after 5 to 30 minutes.


      • Don says:

        Thanks Johnny,

        Yesterday I skipped breakfast and did not eat until late lunch. I had a big salad with chicken and nuts. It was good and satisfying, and I did not feel hungry really at all. I am trying to eat when I am hungry and not because I am suppose to. Today I got up and had a few slices of apple and a coffee. I will eat again around 2 or so. The hard thing is that I am going on night shift for two weeks and I am afraid that it will throw me off. I work from 9 at night to 6 am, come home sleep to about 2pm and than up until I go back to work at 9. Any ideas what is the best way to do this. I think I will try to just eat when I am hungry.

  18. Ray says:

    Hi John,

    I am 57, exercise sporadically and a follower of daily intermittent fasting. I fast between 20 – 22 hrs. eating one meal and a snack. I have lost over 40 lbs. within a year and I have plateaued. I have tried to shake from it but I am stuck. I would like to lose some additional fat while maintaining my current weight of 160 lbs. What can I do to move forward.


  19. Archie says:

    Hi Johnny,

    First of all, love The Lean Saloon! It has given me a lot of motivation. Keep up the great work! I happen to notice you’re a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer (which is awesome btw). I have been doing Crossfit since June of last year and thoroughly enjoy it. I’m 33 and hover around 145 lbs. My strength has increased and I’m down to 10-12% bodyfat. However, I have yet to break the single digits barrier. I’m looking to use IF to get below 10% bodyfat. Honestly, I want a six pack by June. What are your opinions about IF and Crossfit? Is it beneficial for someone who Crossfits 5-6 days/week to IF or is it harmful?


    • Johnny says:

      Hi Archie,

      CrossFit is based on maximum (or circa maximum) effort during each workout. To maximize your performance, you’ll also need to put special attention into the timing of your food intake. That is, you’ll need to eat for performance. People have a hard time with maximum physical performance demanded by a (longer) CrossFit benchmark. But having said that, I’ve trained my body over the years to perform at maximum effort 17 hours into a fast with no detriment to work capacity.

      You’ll have to find what works best for you. And you’ll have to determine what you want: a lean physique sporting a 6-pack and general health and fitness… or new PRs in Fran and be physically prepared for armageddon.

      Hope this helps,

      • Archie says:

        Thanks for the input Johnny. Armageddon–lol! Would you be able to elaborate more on food intake timing? I guess what I’m trying to get at is, in your opinion, would it be more advantageous to eat directly after a workout or wait until after hour 16 to eat regardless of what time the workout was?

        I know I’m not going to break any records anytime soon (I have yet to do Fran), so I’m going for the lean physique. Here’s to figuring it out!

  20. CX says:

    Hi Johnny,

    I have a comment and a question–I wanted to say I really appreciate your regular postings–they’ve been really helpful to me because even though you’ve outlined IF clearly in one of your earliest posts, IF takes continuous motivation and support to really take off and become a habit for most people, and your posts provide that.

    My question is though–I have no problem adhering to my IF schedule on the weekends when I’m relaxed, but come Monday and I start snacking in the office almost uncontrollably because of the stress. So basically my weight is being balanced by the seesawing, but if I could stop stress-eating then I could probably be much leaner.

    My IF schedule: having my first meal in the early afternoon, my second meal at dinner, and no more for the rest of the day, except alcohol.

    Any advice?

    • Johnny says:

      Hi CX,

      I recommend finding ways to remove as much of the stress as you can.
      But if it is impossible, then I recommend finding strategies to deal with the stress — like meditation, even if for only a minute.
      Research techniques for immediate and brief meditation techniques. This may help.
      Techniques may even include “transferring” your mind elsewhere or find better distraction and comforting behavior than eating.

      I find that “turning off the valve” (IF) is the best strategy, even in the face of crushing mental stress.

      Best of luck,

  21. CanadianRN says:

    Hi Johnny!
    Just wanted to say that I absolutely love the blog and couldn’t agree more with the information you are putting out there. The worst part about IF is that its hard to share with others for fear of the almost instant reprimands. I truly believe that a time is going to come where people see that the three square meals throughout the day, or the insanity of 6 snacks a day is a direct link to obesity. Until that time though, I’ll quietly enjoy the freedom I’ve found with IF. 5ft8in and 118 pounds, holding steady and maintaining since October! 60 pounds lost by making the best change of my life! Keep up the inspirational and informative writing!

    • Johnny says:

      Thanks for reading CanadianRN,

      Equally important are the health benefits of IF.
      Stay proactive with your health!


  22. Courtnay says:

    I am interested in how IF works for women–is there a difference in what we girls need to do to drop weight? Thanks for any suggestions.

    • Johnny says:

      Hi Courtnay,

      Females metabolize glucose and fat slightly differently. Start IF slowly with a shorter duration — say 12 hours — and then extend it as you become accustomed to IF.


  23. Ashley says:

    I hope you don’t mind me asking a few questions, and I’m sorry if you’ve answered this elsewhere.

    1.) Does your wife IF? I would really be interested in hearing her perspective simply because guys lose easier/maintain easier/etc. I’m a female, 28, 5’3 around 21% bodyfat. I’m looking to drop, so I’d love to hear if it works just as well for women. Maybe she could guest post. 🙂

    2.) How do you stop yourself from getting weak during workouts in a fasted state? I’ve tried fasting and working out before, and I feel I just wasn’t getting it done. I would end up getting shaky…not having as much energy to finish the workout and cutting it a bit short.

    Thanks! Enjoy reading your blog!

  24. Ashley says:


    How many calories do you eat every day on average? Are you eating less since you only eat 2 meals?

    • Ashley says:

      He’s said on other parts of the blog that he doesn’t count calories just eats whole unprocessed food, and that generally by IFing he does eat less, which creates a caloric deficit to enable the weightloss.

      Now another question would be if you could still lose weight while eating the same amount of calories yet IFing. Because he explains in several of his posts that IFing burns fat, so I would think that you could still eat the same number of calories and still lose weight simply by giving your body enough time to process all that food and then still have to rely on your own fat stores to run your body for 16-18 hrs. Just my thoughts…we’ll see what Johnny says. 🙂

    • Johnny says:

      I don’t really know how many calories I eat daily, but probably average what my body needs to stay stable where it is. Probably around 1,700 (?). I’m pretty sure that fasting makes it a lot easier not to continually blow my average calorie ceiling.


  25. Carolyn says:

    Hey there, I found your blog thru googling IF diet. I am a woman age 47 and I need to lose 80 lbs. I consider myself addicted to food, and am the point of “fearing” food because I know as soon as I eat, I will binge. Sounds totally crazy! I have tried every diet known to man,lose, then regain. I discovered IF and it seems it is for me! I cannot wait to start tomorrow. My question is can I still drink coffee with half and half during the day, or should it be black only?

  26. Armi Legge says:

    Hiya Johnny!

    I’m a 16yr old triathlete, fitness fanatic, writer and health fiend:)

    Love the site and have been playing around with IF for years, especially as it relates to athletic performance. Totaly paleo and am so glad to find another guy out there who’s into good nutrition. I’d love to collaborate on techniques sometime! Keep up the great work.


  27. D.J. Gibson says:

    Hey Johnny,

    I have a quick question on how to get the “shrinking effect” where your muscles sort of “suck” to your skin? I have been IF’ing for about 4 months now – and i do see some changes, but sadly not enough for me? I maintain 5.5% body fat but still don’t have the cuts i want – it sounds weird to have that low of a bf% and not be cut enough, but i’m not crazy trust me. Mostly in my upper back and upper abdominals is where i want the fat to go. Do you have any suggestions?


    • D.J. Gibson says:

      …I also wanted to add in that i’ve been eating Paleo for about 6 months too – so longer than my intermittent fasting. I do a few heavy compound movements such as Bench, Deadlifts, Squats, Weighted Pullups and Dips, and Pushup variations. I’ve been having difficulty making it to the gym because i don’t have reliable transportation there – so i’m going through P90X again for the second time. I also regularly get 8 hours of sleep every night.

    • Johnny says:

      I’m unsure by what method or how accurately your bodyfat was determined, or what you specifically look like, so I can answer only loosely. After a certain point of fat loss, the rest is either lose skin or, more likely, a matter of water manipulation. The “cut” you see in many male models certainly didn’t happen with mere fat loss. Many, though not all, of those “studio shots” are done only after a process of careful water manipulation for the shrink-wrap effect.


      • D.J. Gibson says:

        Thank you for the reply. i heard about the water manipulation. I drink close to a gallon a day too, maybe that has something to do with it. I would send a picture, but i don’t know where i would send it to. I’m 6’3 180 pounds and i measured my body fat% with a Hyrdostatic weighing under water.

  28. Hi Johnny, looking great. BTW because this is a about page, could you share some contact information? I would like to send you an email, but there is no contact form or email at your website.

    Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you.

    Have a nice day,


  29. Samuel says:

    Hey johnny i was wondering if it matters when you start your feeding window because personally i like eating in the morning and at night i don’t mind not eating so can i fast the night instead of morning afternoon thanks

    • Johnny says:

      Doesn’t matter where you place the window.
      You’ll gain the benefits of fasting by extending the time between 2 meals. Any 2 meals.

  30. Amelia says:

    Hi Johnny,

    I am interested in the effect on your motabolism, granted I have just learnt about IF today, I have always been scared to stay hungry in case my body goes into ‘starvation mode’ and then you apparently store fat more effeciently. These are warnings I have read in a few books.

    Also, sometimes if I haven’t eaten for a while, I can feel a bit shaky. Is this something I should just push through if it occurs (I did read your article on making it easier and it may depend on what I last ate). I am thinking of trying from when I wake up to perhaps a late lunch (to start with).

    Really appreciate it!

    • Johnny says:

      Hi Amelia,
      Yes, start slowly with shorter periods of fasting. Allow your body to adjust. Also, change your belief that going without food for a meal or two does not produce negative consequences in healthy people… and, in fact, can be healthy. The belief system can be a powerful controller of physiology and can, thus, produce negative physical symptoms (the shakes) or positive physiological accommodation (increased fat metabolism as a result of developmental enzymatic and hormonal pathways that stimulate the release stored energy during periods of no food intake).

      • Amelia says:

        I really appreicate you taking the time to reply, thank you. I truly believe in the positive belief system having an effect on the body. I started today with my first fast – 16 hours, and I didn’t get the shakes. I am excited!

  31. Karl Roberts says:

    Hello Johnny,

    Hope you are well and is this site still alive? 🙂

    Can you give me some meal samples that you follow?
    A workout routine?
    What do you eat after a workout?… High carbs, high protein and low fat?
    How did you know how much protein you need?
    What formula you used to maintain your minimum calories?

    I’m: 42, 5′ 9″, 160lbs, 6.9% body-fat

  32. Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is a very well written article.
    I’ll be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I’ll
    certainly comeback.

  33. Hunter Jarvis says:

    Good morning Johnny. I just want to say you are great. You don’t tout supplements and have the easiest IF lifestyle ot there not worrying about pre workout or post workout. It just seems so liberating not having to sweat the small stuff and still look great. Any updates on what a typical day(s) (meal and/or exercise) looks like for you? Keep up the great work and can’t wait to here from you. Hunter

  34. Your website appears to be having some compatibilty issues in my safari browser.
    The wording appears to be running off the page pretty bad.
    If you would like you can email me at: franchescawilkinson@gawab.

    com and I’ll shoot you over a screen grab of the problem.

  35. Hello, i think that i saw you visited my blog so i came to “return the favor”.
    I am attempting to find things to improve my site!
    I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!

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